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Endorsements and Testimonials

   The work of the Lord is a tremendous privilege and a delightful experience, but every now and then an opportunity to celebrate a Kingdom phenomenon crosses my path, Dr. Von Peaks is one of those rare phenomenon's. Pastor Von serves as one of God's Kingdom conduits, who takes great delight in imparting the fresh Rhema of God into impossible situations and reverses the curse of the devil just by his commitment to obedience in the affairs of God. I salute Pastor Von's courage, tenacity and integrity.
In The Master's Service,
Apostle, Dr. J. Lemuel Spence,
Presiding Bishop,
Word Harvest International
Durum, North Carolina

   Personally, Dr. Von T. Peaks in my opinion, is our Almighty God’s sense of Excellence, Servant-hood, Integrity, Mercy & Wisdom personified! Dr. Peaks is a Worshipper and a respecter of the Presence of Almighty God more than any person I have ever known!

   I was given advice once by a man who said, ‘Seek to find your Shepherd, and there is your Fellowship’, and I am proud to say Dr. Von T. Peaks is my Father in the Lord God Almighty, and because of his love, care and help, I am positive it has added years to my life.

Ernest W. Berry
Businessman, Ft. Lauderdale Florida

   Pastor Von Peaks is a man upon whom the blessing of God lies. He is a vessel that overflows with the Spirit and anointing of God and that blessing spills over and touches all who come into connect with him. A true man after God’s own heart! I take joy in calling him son.


Dr. Larry Huch

New Beginnings Christian Center

Dallas, Texas

   Dr. Von Peaks has that rare but welcome energy that rouses even before he speaks.  He is a blessing to all who hear his teaching, see his example and mind his counsel.  Dr. Peaks led me to  Christ and my salvation the first time we met, November 21, 1995, and has since dedicated himself to strengthening my faith and relationship with God.


Louis Stevenson, Esquire

Attorney - Columbus, Ohio

   Apostle Von T. Peaks is a rare treasure and an awesome gift to the Body of Christ. I have been blessed to know Apostle Peaks for over 30 years and have come to know him as a trusted friend, mentor, advisor, and as one who can aptly provide spiritual covering and oversight. Many things could be said about the anointing and apostolic authority that he walks in and as important as those things are I would be remised if I didn’t speak of his integrity and strength of character. Apostle Peaks genuinely loves God’s people and passionately loves his wife and daughter. As great as his love is for his family he possesses an even greater love for his God. He is a GREAT gift to the Body of Christ and any ministry will be greatly enriched by receiving his ministry gift.

Juan M. Jones, Senior Pastor
Jackson Mississippi

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